Two people playing pickleball.

Introduction to Pickleball
Members with little or no previous pickleball experience will be provided up to 3 no-cost, introductory lessons to pickleball that cover the essential elements of the game that newcomers will need to understand. The 90-plus minute lesson will include: an explanation of pickleball safety issues, recommended grip to be used, ready stance, footwork, rules of the game, scoring and court etiquette. 
Participants will be trained in service rotation and player positioning and will be introduced to the fundamental PB concepts of the "pendulum swing" and "dinking." The class will also allow students to play in supervised doubles games so that they can apply the skills they have been shown.
Paddles will be provided. Please wear court shoes and bring water. You MUST sign a WAIVER to participate.
If you choose to continue to play after your 3 free lessons, you must go to the link to join as a member. You will be responsible at that point to bring your own paddle. 
Skills & Drills

Novice and intermediate members are provided additional training by a certified instructor to help them further develop their individual skills and improve their level of play.  The cost is $5 per lesson.  These sessions are for paid members only.  

Skills & Drills Level 1: a weekly opportunity for novice members to train and practice as a group in developing their basic skills involving serves, return of serves, backhand shots, volleys, and dinking.

Skills & Drills Level 2: a weekly opportunity for intermediate/advanced members to train and practice as a group in developing their more advanced skills involving third-shot drop, offensive lob, punch-volley, drop-volley, overhead returns and lob-retrieval.

Certified Training: BMP has several members in Pittsfield, MA, who are certified by the International Pickleball Teaching Professional Association (IPTPA) who can provide personal and group lessons to students (costs dependent on class size and curriculum) in accordance with IPTPA internationally recognized skill ratings: IPTPA Rating Skills Assessment 

There are currently 6 IPTPA-certified BMP members in the Pittsfield area. (Mary Pat Knepper, Mike Latini, Tony Richards, Kelly Maginnis, Pat Mele and Gail Kapiloff). Simply click on the link https://iptpa.com/certified-members/, select “search by state”, type in Massachusetts, then scroll down to Pittsfield and select a trainer. 

BMP Pickleball Clinics/Events

Periodically, BMP will host various pickleball clinics or events for our membership or will post notices of similar events in the local region. Most recently, BMP sponsored a clinic in May 2022 presented by Catherine Parenteau. Ranked No. 1 in Women's Singles and No. 3 in Women's Doubles,  Parenteau is one of today's most well-known players in women's professional pickleball.

It was fabulous and a great experience to learn from the pros. Special thanks to Mike Latini for making the connection and bringing Catherine (left) and her partner Athena Trouilllot (right) to us. They were so engaging, helpful, and fun! Catherine, ranked #2 in Womens Singles and #3 in Women’s Doubles, is one of the most well known players in Professional Pickleball.

BMP Pickleball Training Videos

BMP is committed to helping its members develop their individual pickleball skills and abilities to the greatest extent possible. In this regard we maintain copies of PB training videos on a large variety of subjects so that members will have a ready reference library to consult should they have a particular question.  BMP's library is only available on the Members Only page.

Pickleball Rules & Etiquette

A copy of the 2022 USA Pickleball Rulebook that will answer all your questions about playing pickleball properly and in accordance with current regulations can be found here.